Dating in the modern age can be tough. To many women, men seem like an alien species.

But they don’t have to be. Hear a man’s perspective on modern romance, and rescue your love life from a slew of unsuitable suitors and their controlling, using, or ignoring ways.

In this illuminating guide to dating and relationships, author Henry Broadnax will teach you how to

  • identify which type of man your potential partner may be;
  • understand why men do the things they do;
  • open your eyes to toxic relationship patterns;
  • make sure your partner respects you and respects others;
  • determine whether or not you’ve found “Mr. Right”;
  • know when a man truly loves you;
  • practice good communication skills;
  • recognize the connection between your relationships and your self-esteem;
  • keep the romance alive in married life;
  • spice up your sex life;
  • prevent your partner from cheating;
  • build a healthy and lasting relationship; and
  • write your own love story!

Short, fictional vignettes show you how men talk when you’re not around and how they really perceive a woman’s advances. Real men know how to treat a woman, and they’re out there waiting for you. You just have to know how to find them!